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IMC 2022
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IMC2022 On-line Registration

According to the annual rules, each Team must have a Teamleader who participates in grading. The Teamleader must hold an academic position at the university that he/she represents. The Teamleader must ensure that his/her students follow the regulations.

The Teamleaders are expected to participate in grading the student's scripts. If you are a the leader of $n$ students, you are expected to grade $n\times20$ papers in easy or medium problems OR $n\times30$ papers in medium-hard problems OR $n\times40$ (possibly empty) papers in hard problems. If you have more than six students, it is recommended to have a Deputy Teamleader to share the work of grading students' papers.

For registering a team, all members and the Teamleader must register separately.

If you are a student, you have to enter your Teamleader's e-mail address after registration.

If you are a Teamleader, you can register at most three teams. For each team you will have to enter the e-mail addresses of the team members, including students and Deputy Leaders. The e-mail addresses are verified in both direction: If student A belongs to the team of Teamleader B, then A has to enter B's e-mail address and B has to include A's e-mail address in the list of his team's members.

In-person participants, including competitors, team leaders and deputy leaders, have to pay the competition fee when they arrive.

For on-line competitors, the Registration Fee is £25 (British Pounds) for each contestant who belong to a Team. The Registration Fee is £50 (British Pounds) for teamless students.

There is no Registration Fee for Teamleaders and Deputy Leaders who participate on-line.