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IMC 2024
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IMC2024 On-line Registration

All student participants, team leaders and accompanying persons are required to register in advance and pay the Registration Fee £30 (British Pounds) by 12 July 2024.

Everyone is required to pay the Competition Fee, which covers accommodation and meals from dinner on 05 August to breakfast on 11 August, bus transfers between the Sofia Airport and Blagoevgrad on 05 and 11 August, and an excursion. The Competition Fee is 530 Euros for each student participant with an active team leader, for each team leader and for each accompanying person. The Competition Fee will be 560 Euros for each student participant without an active team leader. The Competition Fee will be payable either by bank transfer, or in cash upon arrival in Blagoevgrad at the Registration Desk in the Hall of Residence. Details of how to make the bank transfer will be sent to all registered participants.

According to the annual rules, each Team must have a Teamleader who participates in grading. The Teamleader must hold an academic position at the university that he/she represents. The Teamleader must ensure that his/her students follow the regulations.

The Teamleaders are expected to participate in grading the student's scripts. If you are a the leader of n students, you are expected to grade $n\times20$ papers in easy or medium problems, OR $n\times30$ papers in medium-hard problems, OR $n\times40$ (possibly empty) papers in hard problems. If you have more than six students, it is recommended to have a Deputy Teamleader to share the work of grading students' papers.

For registering a team, all members and the Teamleader must register separately.

If you are a student, you have to enter your Teamleader's e-mail address after registration.

If you are a Teamleader, you can register at most three teams. For each team you will have to enter the e-mail addresses of the team members, including students and Deputy Leaders. The e-mail addresses are verified in both directions: If student A belongs to the team of Teamleader B, then A has to enter B's e-mail address and B has to include A's e-mail address in the list of his team's members.

In 2024 all participants have to participate in-person, including competitors, Team Leaders and Deputy Leaders.